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Homebuyers SC can buy your home in as little as 2 days after we sign the contract! We will also give you a FREE estimated offer over the phone.
A tailored service
Some people may need to stay in the home for a week or a month after closing. When selling to us, these options are always open.
If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to contact Justin on his cell at (843) 507-5337.
Homebuyers SC, LLC was founded by Justin Teachey. Homebuyers SC was created to help families with selling their real estate through any situation. Since they have opened, Homebuyers SC has allowed these families to have multiple options in selling their home. A lot of Justin and Homebuyers SC's projects are purchased, rehabilitated and sold to wonderful families in the area! With most of these homes needing a good bit of work such as, foundation repairs, house fire repairs, flood and water damage, termite damage, mold/fungi repairs, and/or cosmetic repairs makes it difficult to get traditional financing on these homes. We are not afraid of anything to do with condition! We also have helped families that need to sell quickly and the house doesn't need much if any repairs! Homebuyers SC's main goal is to get the client's needs/goals met and buy their home at a fair price that benefits both the client and Homebuyers SC. Justin takes pride in helping his clients with integrity, speed, and quality customer service through the process to make it as stress free as possible. With these characteristics, Justin looks forward to helping you or anyone that needs his assistance and appreciates the client referrals. 
Choosing to sell your home to us, is a simple and hassle free process. At Homebuyers SC we work carefully to understand your needs and to assure you have no worries throughout the process. This will save you a tremendous amount of time By avoiding the listing process, spending days on market, 4 party negotiations, closing cost, commissions, and being asked to make repairs after an inspection. Most of the time, our offers are very comparable to what you would net either way.
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We understand you may have questions about the process so please feel free to contact us at any time and we would be happy to discuss them with you.
BEWARE: A lot of “Real Estate Investors” are not credible or legitimate. This can leave you hopeless at the closing table. Many investors try to take advantage of you by attempting to sell their contract or over charging you for repairs. Always make sure you get a proof of funds and we would recommend using the standard South Carolina Real Estate Commission contract. This will provide you with a smooth process. Also, make sure you require your cash home buyer to put down a significant amount of money as earnest money. Always work with a reliable home investor.
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What kind of homes does Homebuyers SC purchase? 
Homebuyers SC purchases a variety of homes including single family homes, duplexes, apartments, townhouses, farms and land. We’ve purchased homes from a 19th century home to modern-day homes. We even take on homes with serious foundation problems, mold, and rodent infestations. We purchase homes all over Charleston and the surrounding areas including Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, James Island, Folly Beach, West Ashley, Summerville, North Charleston and Ladson.
Why sell my home to Homebuyers SC?
There are many reasons homeowners sell us their homes. One reason is most people don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of listing their home on the market and having to wait on the right buyer to come along, especially pertaining to homes needing costly repairs or updating. While others simply just need to sell their house quickly, like in the case of foreclosure, relocation, divorce, or in some cases their home has sat on the market for too long. 
Does it matter what kind of condition the home is in?
No, at Homebuyers SC we purchase homes as they are. This means we will make you an offer regardless of any structural damage, costly repairs, or if the house is outdated!
How much does it cost to get Homebuyers SC to come look at my home?
Absolutely nothing! We will come inspect your property and give you an offer with no obligation on your behalf. In contrast to other home buyers and real estate we do not charge an additional fee once we have purchased your property. 
How long does it normally take to receive an offer?
In most cases, all you will have to do is answer a few questions about your property. These questions could be the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, the overall condition of the home and the location of your house. With answers to these simple questions we can give you an offer estimate over the phone. Next, we will schedule a time to come view your property. This will allow us to confirm the property details and give you a formal offer immediately after our assessment. 
What factors determine how much Homebuyers SC will pay for my property? 
There are many factors that Homebuyers SC looks at when making an offer on a property. These factors include the location of the property, the condition the property is in, if repairs are needed, and lastly how much comparable properties are selling for. Our evaluation will be thoroughly explained so that you have a complete understanding of our offer for your property. 
How soon will I receive the cash?
You get the cash as soon as you close! In most cases, we close home purchases in as little as 7 days and as soon as we close you get your cash. However, in some cases you may be eligible for a cash advance before we close on your property. 
When will we need to move out of our home?
This is something that varies from home to home and depends on your scenario. In most cases, we prefer to not take on homes that have a closing date longer than 3 months out from us putting the home under contract. However, in some cases we allow people to stay up to 1 month after we purchase the property and this typically comes with no charge to you. 
What happens if a family member owned the property and they didn’t leave a will?
At Homebuyers SC we have a team that is dedicated to expediting the estate process. An essential asset on our team is a group of attorneys that will help push the process along and make it easier on you. This all comes at absolutely NO costs to you!
What if the owner/co-owner no longer lives in the area of the property?
A majority of the closings can be done remotely. The only thing you need to do is meet with the notary and sign the paperwork which we can set for you!
What if my mortgage is not current?
Don’t hesitate to call us immediately! Some banks are very diligent on taking properties back from the owner. At Homebuyers SC we are very experienced in negotiating with the banks and in some cases, we can reduce the amount of penalties you may owe. 
What if my property includes a tax lien or other liens?
This is a unique scenario that completely depends on the circumstances at hand. Though, we have purchased properties with mechanics liens, tax liens and HOA liens. 
Does the property need to be cleaned at the completion of a deal?
No, you can just take the items you want or you can let us know what your leaving at the property and we can arrange for the property to be emptied. 
What areas do you purchase homes in?
We buy homes in all areas of Charleston. The majority of the purchases come in Mount Pleasant, Summerville, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, James Island, and West Ashley. However, if you aren’t listed on the list don’t hesitate to contact us because we can really purchase anywhere near by and if we can’t we can refer you to someone who can. 
What kind of properties does Homebuyers SC purchase? 
We purchase properties such as homes, apartment buildings, duplexes, townhouses, farms and land.
How do I know that I can trust you with my property?
We will provide you with a significant deposit on your property, along with a proof of funds from a known bank, and use a South Carolina Real Estate contract.
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